General Data Protection Regulation – Privacy Notice

In line with requirements of the new data protection regulation, introduced May 2018, the choir holds only essential details of choir members purely for the purpose of communicating with them about choir business and wider choral opportunities.  Personal data will always be processed lawfully, transparently and fairly.

Members complete an annual membership form at the start of the new choir year, usually early September, that asks for their name, address, preferred telephone number and email address.  This information is held in a Word table and is only accessible to nominated members of the committee who use the data to ensure members are kept up to date with concert and rehearsal information.  No information provided by choir members is ever shared with third parties unless with the explicit consent of the individual member.

Members will be asked annually to provide consent for their personal data to be used through membership processes and will include consent for their photograph to be used as part of choir promotion eg on the choir website.

Members who leave the choir will automatically have their personal information deleted from choir records at time of membership renewal.  However, members who leave can provide explicit instructions for their data to be removed immediately.  Members also have the right to make a data access request at any time in line with subject rights of the Regulation.

For the purpose of the regulation, the designated Data Protection Officer for the choir is the Secretary to whom all concerns should be raised.